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Getting started

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here.
Welcome to AngelSense!  
This 2-minute video will walk you through what you need to know in order to start using AngelSense.


Step 1: Charge the device: When connecting the device to the charger it should turn on automatically, with the blue LED light on solid. It will take approximately 4 hours for a full charge of over 12-14 hours.


Step 2: Download the AngelSense App.


Step 3: Log In to the AngelSense App for further guidance.

Step 4: Place near a window or go outside to get location updates to your app.
Step 5: As soon as your device is charged and turned on, take the device out with you to different places and watch your app for further guidance. Geo-fences are created automatically in AngelSense! Just name the places as soon as your child visits them.
Here is a video with more information on wearing options:

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Why Your Child with Autism Needs a BIGGER GPS Device 

Proactive alerts to routine deviations and providing consistent location updates in poor GPS and cellular conditions are indispensable features. Supporting these capabilities require enough power to sustain the device and can only be achieved with larger battery size and an equally accommodating device.