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Turning on / restarting (GPS 1)

When connecting the device to the charger it is turned on automatically.
It is recommended that you do not turn off the device, because regaining GPS signal could take a while (especially indoors.). 

In some cases, during troubleshooting, we might recommend restarting the device using the on/off button.

The power button of the Guardian device is the small orange button near the USB charging socket. In order to switch the Guardian GPS on or off, press the power button quickly for two seconds. 

When the device is switched on, the Guardian GPS will connect to both the cellular network and the GPS signal. While connecting the relevant LED blinks.
To turn the device off, if needed, press the power button for 2 seconds. Before the device turns off, two beeps will sound.
NOTE: When purchasing your AngelSense Kit, if no device is chosen the default device is the GPS 2 device.