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Getting Started (GPS 1)

Note: GPS 2 guidance is available here 
Welcome to AngelSense!  This 2-minute video will walk you through what you need to know in order to start using AngelSense GPS & Voice Monitoring Solution


Step 1: Charge the device: When connecting the device to the charger it should turn on automatically, with the blue LED light on solid. It will take approximately 4 hours for a full charge of over 12-14 hours.


Step 2: Download the AngelSense Application


Step 3: Log In to the AngelSense Application

Step 4: Place near a window or take the device out for a drive to give it a chance to communicate. Please refer to the status bar of the AngelSense app for the device status. 
Before you put the device on your child, always make sure it is turned on by pressing the front buttons of the device. The blue and green lights should momentarily blink. If the lights are not turning on, unplug the device from the charger and press the on/off button (the small Orange button by the USB port) for a few seconds until the two LEDs start blinking. 

NOTE: When purchasing your AngelSense Kit, if no device is chosen the default device is the GPS 2 device. 

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