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Device status

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T or T-Mobile device) guidance is available here 

At the bottom of the app window there is a status bar.

The status bar displays the status of the AngelSense Guardian device. The app receives periodic updates from the device. 


The following list describes each indicator in the status bar (from left to right):

  • Update time (in this example:”5 minutes ago”) – This is the last time that data was received from the device and the status bar was updated.
  • Battery indicator (in this example: 100%) – This shows the percentage of battery life remaining. The battery lasts over 24 hours on a single charge (at least 2 hours). Every 10% relates to 2-3 hours of usage. For example: 30% means that there are 6-9 hours of usage left.
  • GPS accuracy indicator – indicates the quality of GPS reception and thereby the accuracy of the GPS reporting:
    • 3 bars indicate very high accuracy, typically outdoors 

    • 2 bars  indicate normal accuracy 

    • 1 bar indicates low accuracy 

    • No bars indicate no reception, typically indoors 

  • Cellular reception level – indicates the quality of Cellular reception:
    • 2-3 bars indicate normal reception levels 

    • 1 bar indicates poor coverage and the device may stop communicating



Note: since the status bar shows the last information sent by the device, the CELL indicator cannot turn gray or reach 0 bars (which state no signal). Instead, a status of no communications is indicated by  a “No Communications” line in the schedule as well as the status bar.                                    






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