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Ordering a replacement device

Should you need to purchase a replacement AngelSense device, you have a few options:
Price Contract Terms Changes (Service)
$99.00* None (remain in current contract, if still in one)

A replacement device includes a charger and a 1 year Warrantyon the device.

See also Shipping Options & Prices

NOTE: If you are purchasing a different model device, you will need to purchase the sleeve and/or belt for that model.
We have a Discounted Package Deal for Returning & Current customers for only $119! 
  • Full subscriber Kit (device, USB charging cable, sleeve, 3 fasteners, Key)
  • Plus a belt!
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • 1 year warranty on new device (from the new device purchase date)
  • No setup fees. Price listed does not include the monthly Service Plan.
Primary Guardians can purchase directly from the app. Just click the Menu, "My Account", and then select "AngelSense Store":


You can also purchase AngelSense accessories in the store.
If you do not see devices or accessories for your device, please scroll down and select  to go to the accessories for your device. 
If using AngelSense in the UK or Canada, please click see pricing in GBP or in CAD in these links: Important Info for Canadian Customers , Important Info for UK Customers

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