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Funding options

There are several options that you may want to pursue to obtain funding to cover the cost of AngelSense.

One option is to choose to pay for a yearly package and we will give you two months of service for free. 

Some of our families have had success with the following:

Disclaimer: These tips are from our users and we cannot guarantee 100% approval with any of the above. The process can sometimes take 3-6 months.

  1. Tax deduction (USA): The AngelSense service expense is tax deductible in certain states.
  2. Insurance:
    • Inquire with your insurance company about whether they cover some or all of the cost:
    • Insurance coverage varies across states. We recommend checking locally.
    • You can also speak to your family doctor about getting a diagnosis for wandering (diagnostic code: Z91.83). (see Insurance Codes and Medicaid Waiver Codes)
    • We have a *letter your doctor can personalize attached below; this may help you with the insurance company requirements.
  3. Medicaid Waiver (USA):
    • Locate your state of residence via www.medicaidwaiver.org/index.html and contact the local office to get details on the application process.
    • Once you are approved for a Medicaid Waiver, please have your caseworker contact us so that AngelSense can become an approved vendor for their local office. We will fill out the required paperwork and return it as soon as we are able.
    • If you require a W-9, just let us know and we can send that promptly.
    • If you need an invoice to submit for payment, please let us know the term you wish for the service.
    • We strongly encourage the annual subscription as there is a reduced rate with two months free. All account must be auto charge via credit card or prepaid via check or credit card. We offer a discount for annual pre-payments only.
    • When setting up a client, we will need the agency name, payer name, the client's name, address, email and phone number.
    • More about Medicaid waiver purchases here.
  4. Easter Seals:
    • Talk with the social worker of your child's school tell them that you want to apply for Easter Seals and that you would like to fill out the application. There going to give you a client waiver to fill out.
    • Fill out the client waiver and the application and take it back to the school social worker she will mail the application off and fax the client waiver form to the caseworker who puts you in contact with Easter Seals.
    • Once that client waiver is filled out and faxed your caseworker should call you within 24-48 hours to let you know the name and contact number of the person with Easter Seals that will approve your child and put together your child's profile!
    • Sounds like a lot but it's really not it's actually very easy and simple!
    • Be sure to include a diagnosis from a doctor if your child is prone to wandering, with your application that you mail out so that you can get approved more quickly. (see Insurance Codes and Medicaid Waiver Codes)
  5. Local State Programs: Some social workers and local help centers can help with the cost of the device as well. You should check with your local caseworker. 
  6. Ben's Fund via FEAT of Washington: The Ben's Fund Mission is to provide grant opportunities to families across Washington state who need financial assistance with requests related specifically to their child's autism spectrum disorder treatments. From therapies to equipment, we support our local families by easing some of the financial strain associated with autism. Apply here: http://www.featwa.org/grants 
  7. The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities by Tamara Simmon. Process for applying to the various funding sources that assist children. It features tips and advice for the greatest chance of being selected and includes a directory of over 200 funding sources divided into three categories: National, State and Wish Funders. Free eBook: http://www.disabilityfundingspecialist.com/funding-guide
  8. Canada: Apply for aid with funding via Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities and also apply for the disability tax credit 

Please feel free to contact us to share your experience with any or all of the aforementioned options. We are always adding to this list. Share your knowledge with us so we can pass it on.

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