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Purchasing Replacement Device

Should you need to purchase a replacement AngelSense device, you have a few options:
PriceContract Terms Changes (Service)
$99.00*None (remain in current contract, if still in one)

A replacement device includes a charger and a 1 year Warranty on the device.

See also Shipping Options & Prices

NOTE: If you are purchasing a different model device, you will need to purchase the sleeve and/or belt for that model.
We have a Discounted Package Deal for Returning & Current customers for only $119! 
  • Full subscriber kit (device, charger, sleeve, 3 fasteners, Key)
  • Plus a belt!
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • 1 year warranty on new device (from the new device purchase date)
  • No setup fees. Price listed does not include the monthly Service Plan.
Primary Guardians can purchase directly from the app. Just click the Menu, "My Account", and then select "AngelSense Store":


You can also purchase AngelSense accessories in the store.

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