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Disabling Listen-In during school hours

The Listen-In feature allows a parent to call the device to be able to know their child is safe and to help locate them if the GPS is not showing an exact location (when inside a building). There is no recording feature. However, some schools require that parents disable the Listen-In feature during school hours due to privacy concerns. 

We are always open to working with the families and the schools to help keep our children safe and to make sure our children are allowed to use the device at school. Therefore, the Listen-In feature can be automatically disabled during school hours if needed. The school hours are determined by the times and dates set up in the Listen-In Schedule

Primary Guardians have the ability to AddEdit, and Delete School Guardians and also set up the Listen-In Schedule from their Menu.

School Guardians can be given, by the parent, any the following options:

  1. Ability to see the Timeline ONLY during school hours
  2. Receive notifications
    • Arrival/departure: Sent ONLY during school hours  (as determined by the times and dates set up in Listen-In Schedule)
    • Listen-In state change: Sent anytime a change is made.
  3. Edit the Listen-In Schedule
    • A notification can be sent when any changes are made

For an overview of the School Dashboard (the school's view) click here.

Notes for Parents:
  • School Guardians do not have the ability to call and Listen-In to your device unless you have specifically given their phone number authorization to do so. (Authorize for Listen-In)
  • Only Primary Guardians have automatic access to Edit the Listen-In Schedule. We do have the ability to remove a Primary Guardian's ability to Edit the Listen-In schedule should your school request this of you.
  • You will receive notifications of any changes made to the Listen-In Schedule
  • The "school hours" are determined by the times and dates set up in the Listen-In Schedule. The Timeline and Entrance/Exit Notifications to School Guardians are restricted to these times. They will not have access to the Timeline or receive Entrance/Exit Notifications when the Listen-In is enabled
  • There is no limit to the number of School Guardians you can have.
  • We also have letters that you can fill out, for the school, should they be needed. These are attached at the very bottom of this FAQ. These are solely for you to use between you and the School, we do not need these forms sent to us. 
  • Below you will find a sample letter for use with your IEP and also a sample letter for use with your doctor for a diagnoses of Wandering. 

Note for Schools: If you are a school requesting Listen-In be disabled, please contact the parent to set you up as a School Guardian.

NOTE for GPS 2 users: Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm

* Make sure to use app version 1.0.26 or higher, or the web app at app.angelsense.com. You can verify your app version in the "About" section of your Menu. 

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