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Disabling AngelCall and Listen-In during school hours

Why AngelCall and Listen-In

AngelCall allows a parent to call the device to be able to talk to their child without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. This allows parents to help and support their child from afar, or give them more independence. In some cases, the ring may scare the child and the Listen-In option allows for a silent call. This option is also important if the child is kidnapped or in a hostile environment (see how AngelSense saved the life of a girl with Aspergers that was sexually assaulted).

The voice options are also critical when the child is indoors, as GPS does not work indoors. The parent can get a better understanding of the child’s location and guide them to safety.

Voice features at School

Schools generally welcome the AngelSense solution and many are using AngelSense during school to help keep the child safe and locate them quickly in case they wander. In some cases, school staff requests parents to use AngelCall to help calm down the child in case of severe meltdowns.

Some schools request the parents to use the voice features in an emergency only.

Other schools require that the voice features are disabled during school hours to comply with school policies against electronic devices.
For schools that require disabling the voice features, AngelSense provides an automated mechanism to disable the voice features according to a predefined schedule specifying school days and school hours.

Control Over the Listen-In Schedule

Once defined, the school and parents need to agree on who can change the Listen-In Schedule (including enabling it immediately for the same day):

  1. Parent (default): The parent can sign a commitment letter stating they will not use the Listen-In feature during school hours and will only enable it in an emergency situation or on a day that the child is not attending school.
  2. School: The parent needs to add at least one school staff member as a School Guardian (email and phone number). This school staff will have the ability to override the Listen-In schedule and enable the voice features.
  3. AngelSense Customer Care: The parent needs to sign a commitment letter relinquishing their ability to change the Listen-In Schedule. To change the schedule, the school needs to send a written request from a predefined email address.

In all cases, all parties can receive a notification each time the voice features are enabled/disabled as well as each time the Listen-In Schedule itself is changed. 

The school hours are determined by the times and dates set up in the Listen-In Schedule

School Guardians Access

Primary Guardians have the ability to AddEdit, and Delete School Guardians and also set up the Listen-In Schedule from their Menu.

School Guardians can be given, by the parent, any of the following options:

  1. Ability to see the Timeline ONLY during school hours
  2. Receive notifications
    • Arrival/departure: Sent ONLY during school hours  (as determined by the times and dates set up in the Listen-In Schedule)
    • Listen-In state change: Sent anytime a change is made.
  3. Ability to edit the Listen-In Schedule
    • A notification can be sent when any changes are made

For an overview of the School Dashboard (the school's view) click here.

Notes for Parents:
  • School Guardians do not have the ability to use AngelCall, Listen-In or the Alarm.
  • If you would like to provide your school with full access to the app, just add them as a regular Guardian. (You will not be able to enter the same person as Guardian and School Guardian). You can set their default call mode to AngelCall to restrict them from accessing Listen-In.
  • Only Primary Guardians have automatic access to Edit the Listen-In Schedule. We do have the ability to remove a Primary Guardian's ability to Edit the Listen-In schedule should your school request this of you.
  • You can receive notifications of any changes made to the Listen-In Schedule
  • The "school hours" are determined by the times and dates set up in the Listen-In Schedule. The Timeline and Entrance/Exit Notifications to School Guardians are restricted to these times. They will not have access to the Timeline or receive Entrance/Exit Notifications when the Listen-In is enabled
  • There is no limit to the number of School Guardians you can have.
  • We also have letters that you can fill out, for the school, should they be needed. These are attached at the very bottom of this FAQ. These are solely for you to use between you and the School, we do not need these forms sent to us. 
  • Below you will find a sample letter for use with your IEP and also a sample letter for use with your doctor for a diagnosis of Wandering. 

Note for Schools: If you are a school requesting Listen-In be disabled, please contact the parent to set you up as a School Guardian.


NOTE: Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm.


Commitment Letters

Primary Guardians CAN Edit Listen-In Schedule LettersPrimary Guardians CANNOT Edit Listen-In Schedule Letters
No School Guardians.pdf  Listen-In Feature [School & AngelSense can Reactivate Listen-In.pdf  
School Guardian has Access to Notifications only.pdf  Listen-In Permanently Disabled.pdf  
School Guardian has Access to Timeline and Notifications only.pdf  
School Guardian has Access to Timeline, Notifications, and to Edit Listen-In Disabling Schedule.pdf   


 Other Useful Letters  

Product Description.pdf
No Recording Feature on AngelSense Devices.pdf
Sample Wandering Prevention IEP Letter - School.docx.pdf
Sample Doctor Letter ICD-10-CM Wandering Code - School.docx.pdf

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