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Listen-In Schedule Overview

Some schools require that parents disable the Listen-In feature during school hours due to privacy concerns. To make sure our children are allowed to use the device at school we provide a feature to automatically disable Listen-In (as well as AngelCall and Alarm) during school hours. Please see Disabling Listen-In during school hours.

There are several sections to the Listen-In Schedule: 

  1. Listen-In Disabled Time Windows: The times that the Listen-In should be disabled during school hours.

  2. Listen-In Enabled Days: The times that the Listen-In should be enabled outside of school hours (vacations, holidays, etc...)

  3. Enable Today: The ability to enable the Listen-In feature during times that it would normally be disabled. (Sick days, doctor's visits, emergencies, etc...)



NOTES: Disabling Listen-In also disables AngelCall and Alarm.

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