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Naming places

Geo-fences are created automatically in AngelSense!
There is no need to pre-define geo-fences around places.
Just name them as soon as your child visits the place.

As soon as your device is charged and turned on, take the device out with you to different places and watch your app for further guidance.

When your child spends at least 5 minutes in a new place, an entry labeled "Unknown" will appear on the Timeline. To name the location, click on "Give a Name", type in the name, and press Enter. 


*On App Version 1.2.0 or below, you will need to click on the 'Unknown' entry in the Timeline to name it. 


Naming frequently visited locations is essential in order to benefit from several key capabilities:
  • Departure and arrival notifications
  • A clear Timeline of your child's day
  • An unknown location on your child's Timeline will reflect a truly unknown place
  • Battery consumption (system consumes less battery in named places)
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